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Glimpse of the Blue Lagoon - Pagudpud, Ilocos Norte, Philippines

Pagudpud is a municipality in the province of Ilocos Norte. It is the northernmost town on Luzon island in the Philippines. The town rolls over mountains, hills, valleys and flat coastal land. It is about 560 km from Manila, the capital of the Philippines, to the north. According to the 2010 census, it has a population of 21,877 people. The town is bounded to the south by the town of Bangui, famous for its Bangui Windmills, and to the east by the Cordillera Mountain Range.

From Batangas to Pagudpud 

Pagudpud landmark


.....and another posing with the gang!

Facing the West Philippine Sea (internationally knowned as South China Sea­), Pagudpud is known for its white sand beaches lined with coconut trees and crystal blue water. It is widely considered to be the Boracay of the North. 


Picture taken from our room

Another picture taken from our room

....and this, from the same spot!

Pagudpud was one of our destinations when we had a North of Luzon escapades last June with my sisters, brother, Nicholas (my youngest son) + Veera (his friend) and three of our nieces. We left Batangas at around seven in the evening and drove to the North all night long. Our first stop, not to mention our stop in Manila area, was in Vigan, where we ate a heavy breakfast at Chowking. 

Packed and ready to go

First stop in the north: Vigan

After a long road trip...there's still a smile on their faces!

Waiting for our turn to order our breakfast.

Waiting for our food.....

After breakfast.....ready to conquer the town

St. Paul Metropolitan Cathedral  in Vigan
After an early breakfast, our “North of Luzon Escapades” began. I will not discuss about Vigan or other places in the north in this blog but perhaps write about it later as another blogposts. Instead, I will discuss one of the best beaches in Pagudpud….it is called the “Blue Lagoon”.


It is said that the Blue Lagoon is one of the most beautiful beaches of the north. It is called so because of its waters’ bluish tint. Actually, it is hard to tell which is bluer, the sky or the sea. It was once a secret beach but becoming popular lately. It is considered one of the many attractions that the province of Ilocos Norte has to offer. Its waters are pretty calm as well as the entire area; and unlike other beaches that I have visited, it is not crowded and exploited allowing you to enjoy every minute of your stay without any distractions. It is one of the most captivating beaches that I have ever visited so far.

An early morning shot, before sunrise.

From here, you'll see the white buildings (resorts, restaurant, etc.)

My hubby in an early morning walk.

I could still hear the sounds of the seawaves.

Nicholas, running on the shore.

And more splash.....

Beach front

.....taken from other angle.

.....another one!

The beach....

Lil' islands

Nicholas exploring the beach.


After a whole day exploring in the town and other tourist spots along the way, we headed to the Blue Lagoon for an overnight stay. The views along the way was so beautiful – imagine the greens of the mountains on our right against the crystal blue seawater on our left – so relaxing and magnificent. And as we drove down the beach, I couldn’t contain my excitement any longer. Before going down to the beach, our van made a stop at an overlooking spot where we viewed the stunning beauty of the beach with crystal blue water and pristine white sands at the foot of the mountains. From what I saw from the elevated ground, the Blue Lagoon looks like a sleeping lagoon….so quiet, calm and serene and yet, so inviting. From there, we could see the 1.2 km zip line over water, which goes directly to the sea from the opposite, mountainside of the beach. I am not a zip line lover because I am suffering from acrophobia or fear of heights, but I am sure that going up there would be fun. You will experience not only an adrenaline pumping ride with the zip line but also see from above the magnificent views of the place from all angles and perspectives. 


I always love and enjoy the sun and sea. I could be in the beach for hours - walking, jogging, dancing, exercising, gathering shells, exploring the beach and of course, swimming, when I long for it. Walking barefoot in the white, fine, powdery sand is what I like most followed by a dip in a warm, clear, blue water. I couldn’t ask for more….it’s heaven! 

An early in the morning swim after the run on the beach.

Trying to push-up.

My nieces, Irish and Iryll, playing in the sand.

My brother, Bowie, enjoying the warm water.

My sisters and nieces in a late afternoon swim!

My hubby enjoying the waves.

A fine sand.

And Iryll....posing!

Blue Lagoon has a lot to offer. Although we didn’t book a hotel, we easily find an accommodation. For the sun worshippers, you can surfboard, jet ski, snorkel, kayak, and ride in a banana boat or rent a speed boat to explore the area. For nature lovers, the place offers mountain trekking and the use of all-terrain vehicles. However, unlike Boracay, the Blue Lagoon doesn't have a long bar strips close to the sea nor offered a variety of five star hotels either. It is the best place to go if you really want to unwind. The place is so clean and green and apparently in a different world. The Blue Lagoon and the entire Pagudpud area is indeed blessed with beauty by nature.

In front of Hannah's Beach Resort.


Finally got a room to stay.

Merienda time :-)

Posing with my sisters and niece, Kaye Anne.

Hmmm, so fresh and so yummy.

Due to a tight schedule and still so many places to visit in the North, we decided to leave the place the following afternoon. It was a short visit but well worth a trip. I really recommend this place. Awesome. If you want to feel a sense of being at peace with nature -  the sprawling mountains, the breath-taking views of the sea, the sand as fine as powder and the shallow beach as clear and blue as the skies above - the Blue Lagoon in Pagudpud is the right place to visit. Indeed, it is a secluded tropical paradise. 

Just posing.....

.....and having a good time!.


Accommodations in Pagudpud:

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